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DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions
DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions
DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions
DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions
DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions
DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions

DIY Painting By Numbers - Lions

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Painting can be daunting especially for beginners. This product, the DIY Painting By Numbers, allows you to paint on your own even with minimal or no experience. The canvas is numbered which guides you what paint to apply and where, so you will be more focused on the experience. We guarantee you a pleasant experience.


For every done Painting By Numbers project, you will have a trophy project that would decorate nicely around the house. 


The product will also make for a unique gift to anyone of all ages. This would give your loved ones a great activity to do and they will love it. It would also help introduce immediately anyone to painting.

For your done painting projects, you can also give them as gifts. It will be original and meaningful since you personally did the painting.


Children would love this product as they naturally like to paint. Painting would help them focus, have patience and reinforce their talent in drawing or sketching.


Stressed for work? Have a paint by numbers project to release stress when you get home everyday. Great way to recharge for the next day's grind.


Have a lot of free time? Painting is a great way to spend time and stir the artistic side of you. It is a calming activity that promotes general well-being.


âś” Canvas size is 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 inches.

âś” Package includes high quality canvas, 3 pieces nylon brushes, and acrylic paints.

✔ Canvas is rolled with a tube to protect it from crumpling.

Frame is not included. If you want a frame, you can order our Frame for Canvas

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